We had such a fun week at preschool this week. We made Indian corn art which is making spectacular corn stalks in the hallway. Today we painted pumpkins and they are being added to the corn in our fall harvest area. I am going to attempt to make a tree for our apples we painted last week. 

Many thank you's to those that brought snack this week. In the morning class today we had apples with caramel dip and in the midmorning class we had apples with peanut butter! Very yummy. Yesterday in the midmorning class we had great little bags filled with small bags of sliced apples, fishy crackers and cheese sticks. Continue to think of those fun and yummy healthy snacks for us to eat. 

We learned the letter "C" this week. Catina Cat is her name. You should ask your child if they know the sound and signal for Catina Cat. She lays her paw (hand) on her cheek and curls her fingers as she swipes forward like she is cleaning her whiskers as she says the "c" sound. It would be something like "ca" just like the c in Catina. Next week we work on the letter "D" and Dee Dee Deer! 

We are continuing to sing the same songs so your child should be able to sing at least parts of them to you now and maybe even do the movements we do. Our current songs are "Way up high in the apple tree", "Welcome, Welcome, Everyone", "I have a ball" and "Two little feet". 

I sent home a letter today with information regarding our activities next week. It is going to be a busy week at Preschool Palace. Also make note the the following week October 31 to November 4 I will be out of the state at a conference. I am going to Indianapolis for some training. I am very excited to go, but I am nervous about leaving the kids. I am leaving them in good hands though so I know better than to worry. And if you have ever been to Indianapolis and know of something I should see while I am there let me know!

Thank you for sending your kids to our preschool. I know you have many choices in our area and I appreciate you making Preschool Palace your preschool! I am truly enjoying this school year and the amazing preschool students that have come my way. The smiles, hugs and kind words I get every day from them makes my day!

As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

How well children will learn and develop and how well they will do in school depends on a number of things, including the children’s  health and physical well-being, their social and emotional preparation and their language skills and general knowledge of the world.

Currently in the child development course the high school students are learning how a child’s interaction with the world helps the child learn.

Interactions with the world = firing of the synapses in the brain = the neurons linking = learning.

From birth through the age of five children are developing the language, thinking, physical, emotional and social skills, that they will need for the rest of their lives.

As a parent, you can help your child want to learn in a way no one else can. That desire to learn is a key to your child’s later success. Enjoyment is important! So, if you and your child don’t enjoy one activity, move on to another. You can always return to any activity later on. At Preschool Palace we will do the same thing. Your child will never be expected to do an activity they do not like. We want your child to have fun; we want school to be fun!

Tell us what your child tells you about school ~ this will help us know what activities are fun!

Dear Parents,
    Thank you for enrolling your children in the Preschool Palace Program. I know that in our community you have many choices for your child's education. Your continued support of this program will not only benefit your child as they learn and grow, but will also benefit the high school students as they to learn many skills that will help them as they complete college level skills, learn employment skills and find a desire to have an occupation that works with children. Many of my students go on to become educators, nannies, work in the medical field and even the community helpers field. Really if you think about it almost every occupation there is comes in contact with children somehow! 
    I look forward to this amazing school year ahead of us. Please take the time to share your thoughts when you can. Here or in person ~ your thoughts and ideas are important to the success of the child development program at Scappoose High School. This website is also a great place for you to see the expectations of my high school students. Feel free to roam all areas of this website!
         I have a book in my library called "Helping your Preschool Child". This book was printed in 2002 by ther U.S. Department of Education as part of the "No Child Left Behind Act" .  I really like the information in this book as it has information in it for parents with children from infancy through age 5. My goal is to post something out of this book at least once a week, more often when I have the time! Please feel free to make any comments to my posts that you would like to. I believe as parents we can all learn from one another.

Have a great weekend! I'll see you and your children on Tuesday,