Good Evening! I hope this email finds you all well and warm. It appears that Tuesday, December 10th is another no school day for Scappoose students. This means no preschool tomorrow. Please keep an eye/ear on the news, news websites, the Scappoose School District website, our class page and our Facebook page for weather updates as we continue to deal with this early wintery weather.

If Scappoose schools are closed so is Preschool Palace. If Scappoose schools are on a two hour delay then preschool will be delayed as well. I will email out those times to you as soon as I can. I have noticed since my last update on delays that our high school schedule may have slightly changed. I will confirm this and let you know those exact times. I know many of you live outside of the city limits so please make sure you can safely make it to school on those delayed days.

I have not assigned buddies yet this term. I was going to do that today, as this was to be my first day back into the classroom from the great conference I attended. Buddies will not be assigned until our next non preschool day. The preschoolers will instead get to interact with all the high school buddies prior to assigning individual buddies. This happened once before when I was ill at the beginning of a new term. I actually liked that the students got to spend some time interacting and getting to know one another first. Once we are back to school our preschool schedule will run the same however there will be no individual lessons taught this week.

Remember Santa is coming next week. We will also be decorating gingerbread houses so don’t forget your can of white frosting with your child’s name on top and one bag of candies/cookies or decorating items for all the students to share. Hopefully we will do some Christmas caroling at the high school next week as well. We do need a few days to learn those Christmas tunes before we go caroling.

Please let me know either at my home email address, my work email address or our facebook page that you received this message. If you have any questions let me know.

Stay warm and give your child a hug for me. I am missing their smiling faces,




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