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Today was project time day. This was the last project time for this term. The before snack buddies finished up their curriculum area of science. I love this curriculum area because I see so many fun experiments happening. I love seeing 
the preschool students learning about hypothesizing! 

The after snack buddies finished up their curriculum of cutting. Many of the preschool students have been struggling with their cutting skills so I decided to continue the fine motor skill activities to the end of this term. I have seen a great deal of improvement as their hands have gotten stronger. I would encourage all of you to work with your children on cutting at home as well. The more practice they get the stronger those hand muscles will become. Magazines and catalogs are great items to let them cut away on.

For snack today the students had Fish crackers and fresh grapes. They also had their choice of Apple juice, Grape juice, milk or water to drink. You would be surprised how great the kids are about cleaning up their own messes when they are done eating. They all know that is an expectation!

During skill building the students reviewed the Zoo Phonics letter "I". Inny Inchworm is her name. The students all got to identify their own name and decide if they have the letter "I" or not in their name. If they do they get to stand up. Once we have gone through all their names then we count how many students are standing and how many are sitting. This is excellent practice for them to recognize more and less.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the last preschool day with the current buddies. School will resume on December 10th with their new buddies. If a current buddy returns to the classroom in the same class period then they will continue to have that same

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