Dear Parents,
    Thank you for enrolling your children in the Preschool Palace Program. I know that in our community you have many choices for your child's education. Your continued support of this program will not only benefit your child as they learn and grow, but will also benefit the high school students as they to learn many skills that will help them as they complete college level skills, learn employment skills and find a desire to have an occupation that works with children. Many of my students go on to become educators, nannies, work in the medical field and even the community helpers field. Really if you think about it almost every occupation there is comes in contact with children somehow! 
    I look forward to this amazing school year ahead of us. Please take the time to share your thoughts when you can. Here or in person ~ your thoughts and ideas are important to the success of the child development program at Scappoose High School. This website is also a great place for you to see the expectations of my high school students. Feel free to roam all areas of this website!
    I have a goal of weekly updates here this school year! So check back often to see what is happening in our preschool!
Robyn Grabhorn
Preschool Palace Director


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