Today we made Walrus art using cereal. The walrus's turned out great but need a lot of time to dry as we used a lot of glue! I can't wait for you to see them. They will be hanging in the classroom next week. If you get a chance come on in to see them.

Snack next week will be provided by the following students:

 AM Class                                                                 PM Class

1/21 Charlie                                                         1/21 Ali

1/22 Blade                                                           1/22 Marianna

1/23 Ty                                                                1/23 Alisson



We have been working on teaching respectful behavior at circle time as a review from the beginning of the year. With these dark, winter days the preschool students have been a tad bit wound up being inside so much. If you could take some time to review these simple steps prior to coming to school I think it will help me reinforce the respectful behavior at circle time.

The following is exactly what we say as the preschool students come to circle after cleaning up:

"At circle where do our feet belong? either in front of us or crisscross apple sauce

At circle where do your hands belong? To ourselves in our laps

At circle what should our ears be doing?  Listening

At circle where should our eyes be? Looking at  the teacher

At circle what should our mouths be doing? They should be zipped closed until we are called on to talk.

At circle do we touch other with our hands, feet or any other part of our bodies? No

At circle do we talk to our friends? No"

This simple review is very helpful for us as we sit down at circle time. I hope by your reviewing the expectations at home that those expectations will be remembered.

Thank you, Robyn

My apologies for the delay in posting. Seems like I should be able to keep up just fine with this blog but I must admit that time just  gets away from me.

This week in class we have made penguins out of paper cups. They are hanging in the classroom. If you get a chance to look at them you should. They will certainly add a smile to your day. Tomorrow we will make walrus's!

Today in class was our project time day. The before snack buddies are working on numbers and the after snack buddies are working on shapes. I know the numbers are challenging to most of the children. The shapes curriculum has been more on the easier side. Some of the preschoolers are learning harder words such as Rhombus, octagon, hexagon and trapezoid. I've also seen some lessons with cylinders.

I have a few reading slips without names on them. Can you take a moment to make sure there is a name on your child's reading slips when you return them. Currently I have one with "Your puppy is growing" and "Thomas the Big, Big Bridge". I also have a second one with "Winnie the Pooh" and The Fox and the Hound" as a couple of the books. If these sound like books you have read let me know and I will make sure your child gets their prize.

Please let me know if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns, Robyn