In case you are curious about our Zoo Phonics letters this is what we have learned so far. We focus on one letter each week. The week of December 10th we will be reviewing these letters.

A = Allie Alligator
B = Bubba Bear
C = Catina Cat
D = Dee Dee Deer
F = Francy Fish
G = Gordo Gorilla
H = Honey Horse
I = Inny Inchworm

Your children may be able to tell you the sound and signal for these letters if you ask. Some of them may still need the visual cards in order to do them. If you want to learn more about Zoo Phonics let me know and I can show you the cards at drop off time. I did look for some youtue videos and there are some but they are a little odd. There a few signals that they do differently than we do.


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